Tuesday, February 24, 2009

terrible way to go

Maybe this is a little weird or morbid, [I'm thinkin' it's not, and it's actually normal but whatever], but sometimes I think about the best and worst ways to die.

I figure getting shot during your sleep or a quick, sudden car crash are maybe the best ways to go, and burning or drowning are probably the worst.

Or, that's what I thought, anyways. Ever since an accident that happened to a 14 year old boy last week, I'm changing my mind.

He was sitting on his chair at a desk, but the chair exploded.

Thanks to the gas-pressure cylinder that raises the seat up and down, pieces from the chair were shot up into his butt.

No, I'm not lying. And he was able to call his dad who called an ambulance, but it took over an hour to get him to the hospital. By then, it was impossible to save him.

Check out the chair:

I can't even imagine. He was young, alone, and probably just chillin' out at his computer checking out some porn on his dad's computer or something. Then he had to sit with that pain for over an hour. So sad!!!

And if you thought this was a freak accident, you're wrong. Apparently it's been happening more than a couple times with these chairs. So when Mom tells you to stop playing with the chair so much, maybe you SHOULD listen to her this time. Unless, of course, you like that feeling....


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