Tuesday, January 6, 2009

what women want

Ladies- If you could make your body from an array of parts from different celebrities, what from whom would you use?
Fellas- Whose body parts would you want your lady to have?

Well, apparently the NY Post knows the answer.. Or answers, if you will.

The lips women want are, can you believe it?!.. Angelina Jolie!! Imagine that.

And the boobs women desire aren't a huge surprise either. Duh-Duh-Dunnn.. Jessica Simpson!

Okay, nothing you haven't heard before. But! The nose. Whose nose would you want in all of Hollywood?! They say Jessica's little sister Ashlee. Ya know, the one who got a nose job! So it's totally fake, and I consider it cheating, but fine.

But, they end there! What a tease. I mean whose butt do we all want? [J. Lo's please.] Whose legs? [Maybe Beyonce's?! But don't tell anyone I said that..] Abs?! [I vote Jessica Alba.. Before OR after the baby!] What would you want?!

Do guys ever look at celebs and wish they had their nose, or is this a default with women?! Hmmm.. I bet you do, secretly.

Thanks for showing me almost nothing I haven't already seen, NY Post. I appreciate it.


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