Thursday, January 22, 2009

take these celebrities home to mom

Are you sick of finding the bad guys? Are you scared of bringing home your girl because she's a little more "scandalous" than Mom may like? Well, you might want to take a look at these people then, because they are the

Top 10 Celebrities To Take Home To Mom

10. Blake Lively
If Mom can look right past all of the racy ads for "Gossip Girl" last year, this girl is perfect to bring home. She always looks great, without showing too much off, and always has a smile on her face. People say she is one of the nicest celebrities to talk to on the red carpet, so Mom will have to agree. Besides, if she does have a problem with ads, just remind her that Serena is the character that cleaned up her act.

9. Jamie Foxx
There's nothin' like a good, multi-talented guy to bring home to Mom. Especially if he can break the ice and have everyone laughing right away. When you were told to raise your standards, I don't think anyone would expect you to raise them this high.. The man is unstoppable in every type of business! Sure he may have a few dirty jokes up his sleeve, too, but everyone will be too focused on his ability to do ANYTHING in the world to care.

8. Taylor Swift
If your mom wants you with a little princess, Taylor is your girl. She's sure to come home and make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside. She is certainly a wholesome young lady, and never shows off any of her goodies. And when Mom asks what she does for a living, just tell her she writes her own songs. Then make sure you throw in the fact that they're pretty much guaranteed to hit #1 on several different charts. She'll get the Mommy stamp of approval in no time.

7. Ryan Gosling
If your mom has seen "The Notebook," he's in. No matter what. No questions asked. The perfect man for you. And just in case Mama needed any more convincing, make sure she gets a good look at his adorable face, and infatuation with you. [Assuming he feels the same way about you as he does/did Rachel McAdams.] So far, he's done no wrong.. And he won't with you either.

6. Carrie Underwood
Talk about someone who always looks absolutely perfect every day of her life. Wait nevermind. Every SECOND of her life. When she walks through the door she'll take Mom, and everyone's, breath away. Then on Christmas when she sings carols, everyone in the room will probably melt and watch in awe. Plus, she's confident, but knows where she comes from, which is always a plus. You can't have Miss I-Know-I'm-Great coming home with you.

5. Ryan Seacrest
If Mama Dearest wants you to be with Mr. Money, Mr. Talented, Mr. Nice, Mr. Family, or Mr. Funny, you don't have to settle with just one. You can have all of these Mr's in one package! He's got his own radio show that's funny, he's the host of American Idol AND E! News, he's super close with his mom, and, well, I'm thinking he makes a good amount of money. Did I mention he's been on the lookout for a nice lady to tag along with him while he travels all over the country for his jobs.. Daily..? It'd be a fun ride, and Mom would probably want to come too.

4. Kate Hudson
Does your mom like the girl next door type? Well, Kate might be perfect for you, then. Even though she's a huge A-list star and acts in TONS of movies, she's not one to show off. [Not that she has a whole lot to show, if you get what I'm saying...] Mom will catch her spunkiness, but in a good way. They'll be best friends in no time. Plus, she plays in all sorts of love stories that always seem to work out in the end, so why not make her movies a reality?

3. Zac Efron
Make sure he watches his cheeks when he walks in, because they just might get pinched with the look he's got. He's a hottie to many, but to a lot of moms, the idea of being a Disney star couldn't be better for their little girl. Mr. High School is certainly a big kid now, and you know that, but Mom will never know.

2. Reese Witherspoon
Even though Mom might not like the idea of bringing home someone who already has a couple kids, let them get to know each other and I'm sure everything will be perfectly fine. She's already proven she can be faithful in relationships, and she seems to be a great mom. And come to think of it, if things do work out, all of her awards will really make for some great decoration throughout your house.

1. Shemar Moore
When you walk in holding his hand, and he's smiling, Mom will melt right into his hands too. Then he'll tell her about his relationship with his mother, and she'll trust him with everything she's got. He's one of the most sincere men out there [All you have to do is watch a Tyler Perry movie or two to prove it] and he's got a great sense of humor too. If you don't believe me, just watch him on Ellen. And he, like Ryan Seacrest, is out lookin' for a woman. So, uh, Shemar baby! I'm right here!

Now, I understand maybe some of these people aren't exactly available at the moment.. But I don't see any of them getting married into a super successful relationship anytime soon, either.

However, there are 2 people that need to be on this list. So, I will consider them the 2 people that are worth becoming a homewrecker for..

Ellen DeGeneres
Well, good news here is, girls can take her home. Or, if you want to play pretend, guys can take her home too! She's funny, witty, smart, has a People's Choice Award winning talk show, knows everyone in Hollywood, and, most importantly, knows how to dance. I've yet to meet anyone who is anti-Ellen, and I don't think any mom would be either. [That is, of course, unless you're surprising her with your new-found sexual preference. Woops.] It's just a shame [well, actually I'm pretty happy for her, but still...] that she's married to her soulmate, Portia.

Will Smith
Does the guy need ANY explanation?! He's the biggest money-maker in Hollywood, first of all. He's attractive, multi-talented, and a fantastic father and husband. Now it's just a matter of making him YOUR husband. Mom won't need to give you the official stamp of approval for this one. It's a given. I mean seriously, who COULDN'T love the Fresh Prince?!

So there ya have it. 12 celebs that are perfect to be sitting right next to you at the family reunion dinner table. Now it's just a matter of making it happen.

Until next Thursday! [Kinda..]


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