Monday, January 12, 2009

ride on

I've seen animals do some really amazing and crazy things ever since I have started this blog, and it seems like every day I'm still being amazed. They're STILL shocking me.

Today, I have this video of monkeys, who we have learned are ridiculously smart and, yes I am one to admit, very humanlike.

What are they doing now? Well, check it out for yourself..

Yes. Those are MONKEYS riding BICYCLES. Your eyes aren't seeing things. They don't even have training wheels!

They are so smart, it's ridiculous! Look at the little guy run and jump on! WHAT! That's crazy! And amazing. I love it. And I want to watch more of it. Like this guy who is doing tricks and everything.. And sitting with his legs crossed while he waits!

Seriously.. Guys.. If technology doesn't take over the world soon, monkeys will.

And I want one in my house, right now! Dangit.


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