Thursday, January 15, 2009

itsy bitsy worm

So, Ellen DeGeneres has a couple kids who I like to call her "favorites" that she brings back quite a bit.

Yesterday she brought back Mr. Red-Head-lovin-Solar-System-Pro himself... Brandt Bickford, age 6.

This time, he talked a little more about his 26 year old girlfriend, but most importantly, he let us know that he's real good at doing the worm.

Here's the whole interview with Ellen, but skip ahead to 1:15 to check out his skills.

I'm dying of laughter right now. He really went down and did this!!

Seriously, kids say the darnedest things. They do the darnedest things. And they're amazingly entertaining. Period. They need to be hosting shows, not people our age and above!

Bravo, Brandt! Teach me how to do it like you!


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