Monday, January 26, 2009

calling all football players

Let's see.. Reality TV offers us a chance to be a top model, a fashion designer, a singer, a dancer, a party planner, fall in love with prince charming, a business person, and basically anything you could ever want to be.

You could even be on the show that shows you trying out for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad.

What a coincidence! Reality TV + Dallas Cowboys is what I was going to tell you! Now, if you want to be an NFL football player, you can be that too thanks to reality television!!!

Spike TV and Michael Irvin have teamed up to give you a show that brings "football neophytes" a chance to play for the big guys on "America's Team." The show is not yet titled, but it will air this spring, and consist of 80 football players who would give anything to make their dream come true.

In the end, it will be 6 receivers vs. 6 defensive backs, and the winner will get a spot on the Cowboys' training camp roster. [The money is not so hott, but that's not what matters, right? Not until they're drafted, anyways. It's all about the DREAM!]

Owner Jerry Jones is all about the idea, too. He, along with people like Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Deion Sanders will likely make guest appearances. They will also judge along with former players and coaches.

Oh and PS-- They ARE still taking applications to be on the show! So if you've always wanted to play football for the pro's.. Get your butt to!!!!!

I really, really like this idea. I think it's a shame that it's only 2 positions, but there really are TONS of guys out there, with a lot of talent and ability, that never get discovered or had to quit early on for whatever reason.

Plus, it's a lot different than watching someone make clothes, take pictures, or sing. We're used to those shows.

And who doesn't love a show about football? ESPECIALLY in the off-season! It'll be a nice fix.

So thank you reality television, Michael Irvin, Jerry Jones, and ugh.. The Cowboys.. For making this possible!


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Caitlin M said...

you are OH so welcome :)

i'm super cised for this <3