Sunday, December 7, 2008

worth the money

I think most pictures that are taken on roller coasters are pretty funny. Whether they're planned beforehand or not, there's normally SOMETHING that can be laughed at.

There are definitely some that are way better than others, though. And thanks to The Chive, we can see the 19 best photos EVER. Out of the 19, these ones get me rollin' the most. [Get it?! No pun intended.... :-P]

HAHAH I don't know which one is my favorite!! I think the last two are just fantastic-ly candid. But the very first one.. Their emotions are PRICELESS! Oh man.. Very funny. If any of these were mine, I'd buy it without hesitation. They're SO worth it! Even i they're like.. What? 20 dollars? [Okay, maybe I'd have to ask someone for a loan.. But still!]

What's your favorite?? Let me know!


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