Tuesday, December 30, 2008

tunes on tuesday 123008

Time to break out the iTunes and your iPod to download some new songs! [Or to make sure they're not on your iPod.. Depending on how you feel about these!] It's Tunes on Tuesday time!!!

Rihanna ft. Akon--> Emergency Room

Nice collabo of people, for sure! The two of them are taking over the music world. I like the song, it's got a cool beat and stuff. But for the words, they're very powerful in the sense that she's going to kick his you know what, so I feel like the whole song should be more powerful. But it's not terrible.

Katy Perry--> Thinking of You

Wow, I'm impressed. Not that I didn't like "I Kissed a Girl," but I never would expect Katy Perry to come out with a song like this. I really like it, too. Hmm. Nice. I like the video too. Maybe she's about to be something big, eh?

Teriyaki Boys Ft. Pharrell and Chris Brown--> Work That

This is so wack. And I'm mad that Chris and Pharrell had anything to do with this, because it's terrible. It's a waste of a decent beat. Ugh. I'm mad.

J Holiday--> Fall

I enjoy this song. It's nice. I like him, too.. I feel like he's not around much, but maybe that's just the radio stations I listen to.. Who knows. It's a cute song, though. A nice little love/crush song. :-P

Freeway ft. James Blunt--> When I Die

Here's a rap song for ya'll. It's not bad.. I think the most interesting thing is that James Blunt is a part of it. I never would have expected him to be singing on a rap track, but I'm okay with it.

And for you country fans, here's a new one from Josh Gracin--> Telluride

Typical, nice, country love song about a fun time. I love it. But I'm biased when it comes to former AI contestant Josh Gracin. It's good, though. Promise. :)

So there ya have it! I got a little something for everyone, for sure! Let me know your favorites!


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