Wednesday, December 31, 2008

such bad ideas

If you haven't heard yet, they're making some big changes to the NFL Pro Bowl for 2010. [Ya know, the "All Star" game of the NFL?!]

Normally, the bowl is held after the Super Bowl in Hawaii. This way, those in the Super Bowl won't have to worry about getting hurt [well, kinda not have to worry] AND so the people of Hawaii finally have some football in their state. It gives a nice little vacation for the players and a good time for the state. Plus, all the coaches and staff wear sweet Hawaiian shirts. It's neat.

Next year, it's going to be a week before the Super Bowl, in Miami.

Uhhh. I'm not okay with this.

And no, I've never been to the Pro Bowl, nor do I plan on getting to one anytime soon. Yeah, that's awesome it's DOABLE next year, but I'm boycotting the idea. [Unless I fall in love with one of the players, of course.]

But seriously, they're moving it to Miami because that's where the Super Bowl is being played, so they think it's a good idea. But it's not.

Reason #1: Tradition. This is my biggest reason for being angry, I think. Tradition is key when it comes to these things. You can't have a game be played in the same place for 29 years and then decide hey, we're going to move it to Miami. Nope. You can't do it. Illegal action.

Reason #2: It's not fair. Seriously, Hawaii is going to be hurt [even though the governor is saying she understands, I don't believe her], and Miami will get too much of the action. AND, players won't get to travel to different places for their job. They'll be staying in stupid Florida. Seriously.. Give me one reason why one city deserves all of the action at the end of football season? Oh, AND they get a BCS Bowl. Ugh.

Also, who on Earth ever thought it would be a good idea to have the Pro Bowl BEFORE the Super Bowl? I don't care that they say they've been talking about it for a while. That just means they've had a terrible idea for a long time. Never would this be smart to plan.

Reason #1: Tradition. The Pro Bowl marks the end of football season. It means it's finito. Done. Hasta la vista, Football Season. It's a way for players to wind down. Get one more game in before the off season REALLY begins. If the Super Bowl is the end, it's such a harsh ending. It's just like BAM, we're done, see ya next year. If a team is absolutely crushed, players have no way of redemption. They have to wait 6 months.

Reason #2: It will become a boring game. Already players go to the Pro Bowl and don't play all out. They don't want to get injured in a game that doesn't matter, so they don't throw themselves around like they normally would. Now imagine the best players, who are also headed to the Super Bowl, playing in the Pro Bowl. Oh wait, they probably won't play. Or they certainly won't play with any risk. Their whole team is counting on them to be 100% healthy only one week later in probably the biggest game of their career.

Look NFL Commissioners... I understand you like to switch things up. Lots of people do. But there's just some things that aren't meant to be changed. The Pro Bowl is one of them. You say this isn't necessarily a permanent thing, and all I have to say is, it better not be. Change just isn't always good.

Don't believe me? Take a look at the "change" that has happened to halftime shows at the Super Bowl since the infamous wardrobe malfunction. It's only gone downhill.


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