Monday, December 8, 2008

still fighting

The stars aren't giving up on fighting against Proposition 8 anytime soon. In fact, instead of giving up, they're making videos/mini-movies about the issue.

This is from called "Prop. 8- The Musical."

All you need to know is that Jack Black is Jesus, and John C. Reilly [Shake and bake!] as the leader of the haters. Now watch it.

I LOVE that he pulled out the shrimp cocktail! And Neil Patrick Harris seriously put the icing on the cake saying that gay marriage would help save this ridiculous economy we have right now.

It's funny how people will listen to celebrities about who to vote for, what to wear, where to hang out etc.. But when it comes to making everything equal, they just won't listen. Not even for a second.

Seriously.. People.. This is Jesus telling you to stop the hate. Listen to him! ;)


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