Monday, December 8, 2008

use your brain

Let's say you're riding with your friend and they get pulled over. What do you do?
a) Sit quietly
b) Ask the cop if you can smoke a cigarette, and then do so.
c) Ask the cop if you can smoke, and when he says no, cuss him out and go crazy
d) Ask the cop if you can smoke a cigarette, then smoke one with marijuana in it

Did I stump you this time?! I tried. Kinda. For 32 year old Honesty Knight, the answer was D.

Yeah. Her name is really Honesty Knight. And she really smoked a weed ciggy as if the cop was really going to be okay with it.

Turns out he wasn't, she was arrested, and released on bond. Feeling like an idiot.

Seriously though.. Her name is Honesty. She's got to be HONEST all the time, right?! I guess she just thought she'd forewarn him or something.

Hmmm... Next time, think harder before you act, lady. Please and thanks.


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