Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the new coffee mug

We all know that there's no gravity in space. Duh. We all have learned that it's ridiculously hard to eat/drink/whatever up there. Duh.

But nowww, Mr. "Saturday Morning Science" has taught us how it is possible to drink coffee out of a "cup" way up there.

His name is really Dr. Don Pettit, and he has done a lot of "shows" where he was in space and demonstrates some sort of science experiment. That was back in 2002. Recently, he did this one.

I've never heard of him, and it looks really kind of odd and not real when he's doing this, but I guess the whole being in space thing isn't very real to me.

I mean, I know it's REAL.. But, ya know.

Pretty cool, though! I'd probably use it to drink Slurpees or something like that. Bravo!


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