Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So Janet Jackson has been saying that once her tour was over, she wanted to have a baby.

She also canceled a decent amount of her concerts while on tour.. Due to illness.

Now, we might be finding out why she canceled. Sources are saying that she is finally pregnant!!

Apparently the 42 year old got preggers completely naturally thanks to hubby Jermaine Dupri.

I think this is really great for her but uh, 42 is awfully old to be having your first child. I just wonder if there are going to be a lot of terrible complications with it. I hope not though!

And by the way, word isn't really out there yet because they're saying it's very early in the pregnancy and they don't want to tell the world yet.

Woops. Looks like someone already did. And word spreads fast these days, Sorry! But good luck!


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