Sunday, December 28, 2008

kids say the darnedest things 122708

One of my favorite types of videos= things that have to do with kids. And I'm assuming a lot of people agree with me thanks to videos like "Charlie Bit Me."

So, here I have a couple that are bound to make you laugh. Seriously.

This is not in english, so no need for the sound, really.. But it's hilarious. This little kid's job is to give flowers to the performing girls, I guess. But watch what happens when some people don't pay attention... [Skip ahead to :40]

Oh boy. What a reaction!! He totally got dissed though. And now he's going to turn into a player and never be a nice boy ever again. Scarred for life. :-P Just kidding, of course. I think. I hope.

Ya know those times you just want to look at your mom and say "I just don't like you right now.."? Well, I'm not sure if you have those times or not, but this kid sure does. And he's about to let her know. Make sure you watch til the end, though.. That's when it's the best.

He straight up said "I don't like you all the time!" That's awesome. How come kids get away with things but if WE were to say it, our parents would rip our heads off and take away all of our Christmas presents?! Mannn I want to be a kid again.

What happens when you're working against gravity in a BIG way?! Well, check it out here. This kid is riding a roller coaster and just isn't enjoying it like thought he might.

OH MY GOODNESS!! First of all, this is hilarious. But! He's about to hang himself on the seatbelts!! And his mom is laughing! That's terrible. And funny. But terrible.

Speaking of moms being mean.. I have saved the best for last. Seriously, you might pee yourself while laughing at this video. I'm not even going to say anything about it really except that you need to watch this kid.. All the way til the end.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I have watched this video at least ten times already. I love every second of it. Not only is it ridiculously funny that he's imitating my girl BRITNEY and "One More Time," but his mom tooootally caught him! He FROZE! And like.. Treefalled over! Ahhh! I just wonder who set up the camera! Or, why he was taping himself doing this! Oh man. I love this. A lot.

So there ya have it! The amazingness that kids do that keep us laughing. And ya know what? To end this, why not just give you the infamous "Charlie Bit Me" video that will never, EVER get old.

:) Yesss..

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