Sunday, December 28, 2008

get to know them

I'm sure some of you have watched the show, or maybe heard their song, but I'm thinking not enough people know of a new R&B group called Brutha, so I'm here to tell you why you need to give them a chance.

First of all, they're a group of 5 blood brothers, ages 18-24, [Yeah, their dad was gettin' busy..] who are trying to live their dream as big recording artists. Their uncle is their manager, and Def Jam is their record label.

All 5 of them are pretty different. They are a very diverse group when it comes to personalities, which is definitely a good thing for the most part. A couple of them had a "bad past" and got into trouble, while others seem to be more low key. Then there's the whole older sibling/younger sibling thing that is also pretty evident when you really watch them.

They have a show on BET called "Brothers to Brutha" which is a lot like MTB4 with Day26.. Which may be the reason I like them so much, who knows. It's a pretty good show, actually, and if you have the time, I say check out some of that. It shows that they're definitely brothers and fight ALL the time, but know they gotta stay focused and remember all they have is each other. Here's a quick clip of some of the drama one time:

Besides all of that, though.. They are AMAZING singers. Every single one of them. And that's why they deserve to make it big or whatever. There's not many people out there right now who really have serious talent.. But these guys do. I think it's a shame that Day26 doesn't get a whole lot of credit, but maybe that's Diddy's fault. So if nothing else, these guys better get their stuff on the radio, a lot.

Don't believe me that they're talented? Or maybe you think I'm just talking them up? Here, I'll prove it. Then you can decide for yourself. This is them singing "Thank You" a Capella. They also did Love Lockdown.

I think it's amazing.. So you should, too. :)

They have one single out that I posted during one of the Tunes on Tuesday a while back called "I Can't Hear the Music" featuring Fabolous. Can you guess how I feel about it?! :-P Here it is:

Apparently they have dancing skills, too, eh?! Ahh, do I need to say it again? I just really like these guys. I think they're incredibly talented.

I won't shove them in your face anymore. I just think you should check out some of their music, maybe go buy their CD. If you hate it, fine. Don't buy it. But I think this music could fit almost anyone. :)

Let me know what you think, though!


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