Wednesday, December 24, 2008

kids say the darndest things

I love kids. Love them. Every bit of them.

Well, except when they're brats.

But seriously, this little kid for the Trigon commercials is somethin' else. One of a kind. And absolutely positutely hilarious.

Commercial #1:

"He was injured. Injured bad." HAHAHA WHAT! That's amazing. But check out #2!

Oh my goodness. I'm laughing out loud. Not even LOL-ing, but genuinely giggling out loud. This kid is absolutely priceless.

And I bet they didn't even have a script for him. He's probably just one of those hilarious kids. I want him in my life. Now.


PS: If you haven't seen these, or all of the Trigon commercials, YouTube them. They're amazing. Every single one of em.

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