Wednesday, December 24, 2008

not goin anywhere

You're not sick of Obama yet, are you?! Hope not, we have at least four more years to go, people! And hopefully, I mean, maybe even more!!

The new issue of Time Magazine includes a bunch of Obama pictures, art pieces, or mosaics found on Flickr. Mosaics= pictures that are made up of other pictures, just in case you weren't quite sure. Anyways, they're all pretty neat, so here.. Take a look at some of em.

I couldn't tell what this was at first, either. Turns out, it's over 1200 CUPCAKES positioned into the picture of soon to be Mr. President.

This mosaic is a bunch of magazine and newspaper covers.

A collage, mosaic, whatever you wanna call it of Barack.. Completely made out of change. Get it? Duh.

This is just a bangin' picture of the last night of the Democratic Convention.

A mosaic of a bunch of the state flags put together to become the next president.

This is one of the coolest freakin' pictures ever! They got the whole light trail of the sparkler. Incredible.

This is a TON of wire bent to show the shape of Obama. Amazing.

Lego Obama, anyone?

This one is called "Out of Many, We Are One." Yeah, I agree. But basically because this was constructed out of pictures of supporters throughout the campaign. Check it out in closer detail:

The rest you can find here. There's over 30.

These artists amaze me. These are all incredible in their own ways. I'm envious of their ability.

Obama, you really, truly are inspiring SO SO SO many people around this country. Wow.


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