Monday, December 15, 2008

change is everywhere

Forget Obama making change, American Idol is about to make some changes, too!

These ones though, as a HUGE fan, I'm unsure of the outcome.

A leak revealed that this season's Idol is going to be a lot different, and not just because of the 4th judge..

They got rid of their executive producer, and now, you can forget about seeing tons of hilarious auditions.

If you've seen the commercials, you've felt the new vibe. The new vibe of HOPE and inspiration. [Obama MUST be the new producer..]

They're saying they don't want to show too many bad auditions, but rather people with stories that are inspirational.. Whether they make it through or not.

And instead of a top 24, they're doing top 36. PLUS bringing back the wildcard round. This way, people have more of a chance of making it through.

Also, no more "Idol Gives Back." Which seems kind of oxymoron to me.. More inspiration, less giving back.. Especially because that show had HUGE ratings last year. They're only going to do it every other year, though.. To build up anticipation.. Hmmm..

See, I'm a huge fan regardless. I'm going to watch every episode this year, just like I always have. But while the big guys aren't worried about the ratings changing at all, I'm wondering how many people only watch the show because of the bad auditions....?

You tell me.. But I'm thinking ratings might go down. :(

This can't happen! Idol-- you must live on forever!!


PS: I feel like such a Debbie Downer today! Man! I need to go take some happy pills! Or maybe I'll just go watch Ellen.

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