Monday, December 15, 2008


We all love to spoil our pets.. No matter if they're amazing, super friendly fish [yeah, I said friendly fish. I love them.] or ridiculously entertaining cats, it's fun to take care of them and watch them have fun.

So, this Christmas, in 10 days, I have a couple ways that you can spoil them to the max.

How bout a wig?!

Honestly, I'd be SO mad if I ever saw someone walking down the street with a cat that had a wig on. So, don't get it. Just laugh at the idea.

Maybe get a treadmill for your dog?

I mean... If they're fat, and YOU don't want to take them out for a walk, this could totally be a good idea!!

Or, teach your fish how to play soccer!!

Seriously, this one is awesome. And I want it. Now. Talk about having fun with fish! SWEET! I want to make an Air Bud movie out of THIS stuff, now! And seriously, I really want it for Christmas, so, Santa.. Hook it up, please.

If you don't like the playground idea, maybe a forest is suitable for your fish.

I mean, it definitely LOOKS sweet. I wonder if they really like it..?

But ya know what.. I betchya no pet is gonna be super happy with you unless you get them their own mansion.

Yeah, that's a pet mansion. Not lying. It's huge. Check out more of it here. Out of control.

So, there's some ideas. I know it's hard for you to understand the letters they write to Santa, but I actually talked to him earlier today and he told me these were what most of the animals were hoping for.. So, get to it!


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