Monday, December 15, 2008

bad karaoke

Okay so who saw SNL THIS weekend?!

If you're a Kanye fan, I hope you did. Or maybe for your sake, I hope you didn't.

He performed "Love Lockdown," minus the infamous vocoder that we hear on 50% of the songs these days, and well, it was rough.

It seriously is like a bad, not even drunk but just really bad karaoke performance. It almost hurts to listen to it. I definitely didn't make it the whole way through.

I wonder if his vocoder mic didn't work, or he planned this. Either way, I bet we can expect a Kanye BREAKdown because of it.. Very soon. Even though his fans are remaining true and letting him know they thought it was the most amazing performance on SNL...........

Uhh, can't say that I agree.. Even if the rest of the effects throughout the performance were pretty cool, you're not meant to be a singer, Ye.


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