Monday, November 3, 2008

what's your excuse

So, it's November 3rd.. Which is just absolutely weird. Come Thursday, what will I write about?! ;)

What is even more weird-- People not making up their minds about who they're going to vote for.

If you don't know yet.. then.. Check out this list and tell me which one of the reasons is your excuse...

--You're racist.
--You're waiting for the results of a pregnancy test to see if you're pro-life or not.
--That's just the way most meth heads are.
--You can't decide what's worse . . . terrorism or senility.
--ACORN's only giving you twenty votes and you want to use them wisely.
--You're a pre-op tranny, so you're pretty much on the fence about everything in your life.
--You have a hunch these last few days are all about a Ralph Nader comeback.
--You can't inform yourself because every time you look at campaign brochures . . . you just end up pleasuring yourself to Sarah Palin.
--Right now, all your decision-making skills are focused on how to dispose of the hooker in your trunk.
--You just haven't seen a convincing enough bumper sticker yet.
--Jeff Probst hasn't shown up with strips of parchment and a tribal bucket yet.
--You're waiting to hear both candidates sing in front of Randy, Paula and Simon.
--You're still too busy learning how to tie your shoes.
--You're waiting to see who Batman endorses.

HAHA. Props to this list.

Feel free to add anything you can think of.


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