Wednesday, November 19, 2008


What would you do if YOU got the chance to be on The Price Is Right? What would you do if you won A NEW CAR?!

Ithaca student, and Ellen intern, Alyssa Arminio decided to just, well... Watch for yourself-->
[Start at about 1:30 in..]

HAHAHA! She just FELL OVER! And laid there!! Chillin!

She told Ellen she didn't even realize that's what she did at first, but she was so excited.

My goodness, the things people do on national TV without really thinking. I love every second of it.

Thank you for the entertainment, Alyssa, and consider be uber jealous.


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Anonymous said...

I want to see Alyssa's hyper reaction again! But the YouTube video is private. Any way for me to watch it? :D