Thursday, November 6, 2008


Happy Thursday!

Today I bring to you, in honor of Election Week,

The Top 10 Super Celebrities
[All those who are mighty powerful in influencing, helping, and giving to others.]

10th: Diddy
Okay, I know what most of you are thinking. Diddy? Really? Well, yes, really. I know he's a cocky you know what, but he does have a LOT of power when it comes to influencing people, whether we like it or admit it or not. He's also very involved (thought it may be an annoying involved, he's still involved) in the elections, getting people to vote, and keeping young people off the streets in bad areas. He does things in crazy, off the wall ways.. but it works. And though I don't have an amount of money he dishes to others on the regular, he is still all over the internet telling you to vote. And buy Bad Boy albums.. :-P

9th: Madonna
One word: Kabbalah. Yea, I know, she hasn't exactly convinced a lot of us normal people to get into this, but a whole lot of celebrities are following in her footsteps. But don't worry, that's not the only reason I put her on this list. She has helped over 250,000 kids in Malawi by funding 7 orphanages across the country. She even adopted one. Plus! She's Madonna. That's enough for super-celebrityism.

8th: George Clooney
He's a member of the United Way, co-founder of Not On Our Watch (which helps Darfur), and is a UN Messenger of Peace. Need I say more? He has dedicated himself to helping to solve the situation in Darfur. Plus, he does little things here and there. He helps others. He donated thousands during the Writers' Strike last year. If that's not giving enough, you can always look at his appearance, and how he could probably sway any female's opinions. :-P And.. if you are able to make Ellen dedicate a whole season of her show to getting YOU on it.. I'd have to say you're something special.

7th: Michael Jordan
Probably someone you're not expecting to see on such a list these days, figuring he hasn't been around much lately, or so we think. He's actually very involved with helping out charities like Boys and Girls Clubs Across America and the Special Olympics. So involved, that he donates over $5 million a year! Not to mention he's still one of the best basketball players of all time.. Or so we recognize him as. When we see him in advertisements etc., people get excited. Oh and do I need to mention his shoes and how many people have them?! He's never going to be forgotten, and he's still helping out.. Long after retirement.

6th: Lance Armstrong
All I should have to say is "yellow LiveStrong bracelets" and you should get it. They were a HUGE trend when they first came out, and they're still making money. They have raised over $60 million for his foundation! I feel like he's one of those silent influencers. He's not in your face like lets say.. Diddy.. But he's out there. He's a tremendous athlete who's helping people, and EVERYONE likes him. Seriously. Could you possibly say you don't like him? Doubtful.

5th: Bono
This guy was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize!! Seriously, he's amazing. He's out to support helping the nations in Africa by providing them with debt relief. He's trying to get help for those with HIV/AIDS and stop it from spreading. He was even Time Magazine's Person of the Year once. And again, he's not in your face.. But I'm sure it's no surprise to you that he's a great person.

4th: Ellen DeGeneres
I've said it before, but she doesn't get enough credit for the things she does. Ellen is constantly raising money on her show for different causes. For example- on every show last month, she dunked someone, which raised 10,000$ for her breast cancer foundation, Ellen for the Cure. This is only ONE example of things she does to help. She also is [obviously] very outspoken for equal rights for all, most especially homosexual couples. Her push to vote no on Proposition 8 was huge, and though unfortunately it failed, she had others believing in it, as well as fellow celebs pitching in to help out, too. She does what she does for other people, not herself.. And just wants you to Laugh, Dance, and Vote/Cure.

3rd: Angelina Jolie
No big surprise here, I'm sure. The lady is the Goodwill Ambassador for the UN, not to mention the mom of like 32987 kids, 32985 of them adopted from foreign countries. In the past year, her and Brad Pitt have donated over $8 million to their foundation, which helps out various charities. She's always overseas visiting children in need, donating money here and there, and helping out wherever she can. Not to mention she's one of the "hottest" celebrities out there right now.. She can reel in anyone. She might as well run for President.............

Tie for 1st: Barack Obama
Here is why he can't stand alone in first place-- Though he is CLEARLY the most influential person in America right now, he is going to be the President of this country.. And it's halfway weird to call him a celebrity, even though he is. But he has been able to bring this country together (well, most of us) in a way that has never been done for our generation. He has gotten younger people involved in politics and wanting to save this country from further disaster. He has begun another chapter in taking equality to an even further step down the road. He single-handedly (again, kinda single-handedly.. I'm sure he had some help :-P) created a day that will FOREVER go down in history and shown people that anything is possible. He has done it by promoting hope and yes... He DID it.

Tie for 1st: Oprah Winfrey
This is a given. The woman donates over 50 million$ a year to SEVERAL charities. She's the face of "talk-show host." She has her own magazine. She helps people achieve their wildest dreams. She gives and gives and gives. (She certainly has the money for it, though! Don't worry!) People listen to her. They do what she tells them to do. She picks out books she thinks are good, and people buy them. She says to support a cause or believe in something, and people do it. She's been around for forever fighting racial problems and more.. And she's not stopping any time soon.

There ya have it! As always, feel free to let me know how you feel about it all!

Thanks to all of you SUPER Celebs for making this world a better place :)


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