Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So the People's Choice Awards nominations are out, and I'm pretty psyched about a certain one:

Favorite Talk Show Host:
a) Ellen DeGeneres
b) David Letterman
c) Regis and Kelly

!!!! NO OPRAH! YES ELLEN! I'm not sure what the history of this award is, and I supposed I COULD look it up, but I'd rather look up more interesting things. Either way, I think Ellen might have a good chance. David Letterman I think is her competition, he's a classic.

Although, last time I watched an award show, everyone I said WOULDN'T win, did. So, we'll see. *Knock on wood*Fingers crossed.*

Things you should know about the nominations:
Will Smith has a couple nominations, Dark Knight has a ton... There's a ridiculous amount of nominees for Favorite New Drama TV Series, Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey are still 2/3 nominees for favorite funny man, Tina Fey is up for funny girl [I vote for her, even though she's going against Ellen. I'll just hope Ellen gets the show host..], male singers are 66% country, everyone better vote for Rascal Flatts for best group, and the top 3 songs are terrible, overplayed summertime songs [No Air, 4 Minutes, and Love Like This... I vote 4 Minutes.].

Alright, I'm excited. And speaking of awards shows, 2 hours until the CMA's!!! :-D


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