Wednesday, November 5, 2008

don't be a jackass

THANK YOU Spike for coming up with the Top 10 Ways to Drive Like a Jackass


I love the pictures that come along with this list, too.. So it was a no brainer sharing it with you guys.

10. Hurry up and Stop. AKA you speed up just to go a block to the next stop sign. You're not saving any time.. Seriously.

9. Letting everyone FEEL YOUR music. We get it. You like to listen to music. Loudly. That's great. But I'd rather not feel the vibration so TURN IT DOWN.

8. Honking to tell someone to attempt a turn. Ya know, when you're at the yield left turn light.. And the person in front isn't going. Unless it's COMPLETELY obvious they could go, you gotta let them handle it.

7. Super crazy enormously bright lights. Turn em off, seriously. You probably don't need the extra-extra high beams. You're not in a desert with nothing around.

6. Riding the breaks. OH EM GEE this is my BIGGEST pet-peeve!! Seriously, just take your foot off the gas.. You'll slow down. You'll also save us all some traffic.

5. Being a lane hog. If someone has their turn signal on, DO NOT SPEED UP SO THEY CAN'T GET IN! Especially if they haven't done anything to YOU! Some people will get over anyways, and that'll only piss you off even more.

4. Trying to find the "super" lane. When you're stuck in traffic, and you keep switching lanes thinking one is going to go faster than the other.. It's only gonna end in an Office Space situation. Give up and wait in line like everyone else.

3. Talking on a cell phone. [I can't comment on this because I do it way too much.]

2. Cutting in line. Hmm, I don't know if I can say much about this either. Uh oh. But I mean, don't wait til the LAST minute to get over, to the point where it's impossible and you're holding everyone up. Keep going and turn around. Sucks for you.

1. Cutting people off. You want to cause road rage? Do it. But you never know when something bad will happen. I remember hearing about a guy in Woodbridge, VA who got SHOT on the street because he cut someone off. Yeah. In Old Bridge actually.. A "nicer" area.

I definitely get road rage, and these are for sure the reasons.. So right on, Spike!



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