Tuesday, November 18, 2008

different kind of boycott

Today in class, my teacher showed us something that's pretty interesting.

Someone created this way of "boycotting" the War in Iraq via the America's Army game.

Basically he signs onto the game, but doesn't fight. Instead, he types in all of the names of people who have died in Iraq since the beginning. He doesn't answer anyone when they question him, he doesn't do ANYTHING but type the name, age, date of death, and what part of the military they were involved with.

People really freak out, rightfully so, especially if they're playing the game because they like the Army, and possibly want to go over and help fight in Iraq. But it's kind of funny to see the reactions, and to see him keep typing.

Plus, I think it's a very unique way of putting out the information and making people think. It's certainly not the usual way to protest a war.

Check out the video-->

Now, I don't think he has done it in a while, but he got over 3,000 of the victims' names sent over the game, so that's pretty good!

Good idea, man! Very clever.


PS: Just so I don't get some people hating me, I don't want you to get me wrong. I support the troops and I appreciate what they're doing over there for all of us... Thank you.

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