Monday, November 10, 2008

crazy videos of the day

No need to post multiple posts.. Just a need to check these videos out. :)

Think you can chug a beer fast? Can you chug a pitcher? How about in less than 7 seconds.. Easily.

Oh my God. This is one more guy who needs to either count his blessings, or give him a pat on the back for being smart and standing behind a tree. The thing saved his life!!!

Spectator's Life Saved - Click here for more free videos

This isn't anything hilarious or super amazing, but it's stupid funny. Sometimes it's better to just leave your car in the snow and wait for it to melt, I guess..

How to Rip the Back of Car off - The best free videos are right here

I want to try this somehow.. If at all possible. They put speakers in one of the stalls in a bathroom, and then say/do funny things and noises.. And of course all of the ladies don't know what to do!

Toilet Humour - video powered by Metacafe

Ahh, I love good videos. :) They make me laugh.


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