Thursday, November 13, 2008

change is here

I'm someone who likes to live in the past.. In the sense that I like looking at old pictures of celebrities and seeing how much they have changed over the years that I have known them. So, after some research, asking around, and looking at HUNDREDS of pictures, I have made my decision...

Top 10 Transformed Celebrities

10. Will Smith
He's gone from being the Fresh Prince of Bel-air to being an action-movie hero. He used to be the guy everyone looked at as the epitome of a player who had all the best lines and got all the ladies. [Some still do, of course.] Now, he's happily married and has a wonderful family. This change wasn't good or bad. It was simply a reinvention/maturation that worked.

Let's just say they're clearly not making their home videos anymore. Well, hm, not the kind we grew up with. No more Full House, either. And, no more being best friends/inseparable! The twins have grown up, partied, made new businesses.. But one thing has indeed stayed the same; They're making bank.

8. Christina Aguilera
From being a genie, to dirrty, to a mama, she's a pop princess that has certainly changed with age. She had the innocence, the naughty-times, and now the maturity. Fortunately for her, it's worked for the most part. She's good.

7. Dustin Diamond/Screech
The once-nerd, is now an extreme pervert. And for starring on possibly one of the most classic TV shows of all time, he sure is lovin' being on the ridiculous VH1 shows. Who knew Screech would be the one doing stand-up and pretending to be a wrestler?!

6. Jennifer Lopez/J. Lo
I think this is where my list, if not before, gets pretty self explanatory. We had Jennifer Lopez, Jenny from the Block, J.Lo, and now back to Jennifer Lopez. We had the singer, the actress and now the mom of twins. And remember when you used to describe big butts as the "J.Lo booty?" It was EVERYWHERE! Now it's all about Kim or Vida.. J.Lo is too busy sittin at home with her hubby and kids. What a shame.

Remember the new, cute, freckled girl on "Parent Trap?" Would you ever think she'd be dating an ugly girl right about now?! She went from cute, to HOTT during the Mean Girls and Freaky Friday days, and then, BAM! She was out partying, getting crazy, dying her trademark hair, and losing her figure. Doctor, I think we lost her.

4. Britney Spears
Princess of pop or princess of reinvention/ comebacks?! I guess it'll take time to tell, but she's certainly had her changes over the years. Even if she might be headed back to one of her old "characters," she's had enough of them to say she's changed quite a bit. School girl--> Toxic--> Slave--> Pink hair--> awkward VMA performer--> VMA winner. Wonder what's next?

3. Arnold Schwartzenegger
How does someone go from body builder to a terminator to a GOVERNOR?!?! When he was running, I thought it was a joke, but apparently he meant business. Does this mean someone like Hulk Hogan will run for senator somewhere? That's quite the unusual change. I hardly doubt anyone would have ever thought ANYTHING like this would happen with ANY celebrity 10 years ago.. But he IS the Arnold. He does crazy things.

2. Madonna
DUH Factor #1. Do I need to say anything about her? She's the Queen of Reinvention... cone boobs and all. As much as we can look back and say "Woah, what was she thinking?!" At the time, she was all the rage with whatever look she had.. She's a trendsetter keeping up.. or setting, rather... all the trends.

1. Michael Jackson
DUH Factor #2. Again, no need to say anything. This man went from human to weirdo. From black to white. From guy to basically a girl. His voice has stayed the same, pretty much.. Nice and high.. But say someone was stuck in the underworld for 15 years and came back looking for MJ. Bet ya they would never find "him."

Oh how the times have changed.. In good and bad ways. Hope you enjoyed!


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