Monday, November 24, 2008


Yet another great, controversial/conversational list from AskMen.

Top 10 Ways Men Brainwashed Women

10. Pole Dancing--> Because men wrote Striptease and Showgirls, which apparently made women feel a sense of empowerment when it came to pole dancing.. Which led to Carmen's demonstration on how to do it, and now people want to make it an official sport.

9. Ditching the van--> Soccer moms tend to drive nice, "spacey" SUV's these days.. Apparently thanks to men convincing them that they're a better route to go than the minivan. Even though they don't have much room, and they're gas guzzlers, we "listen to guys when they tell us it's better."

8. LUGs--> Suddenly it's become a "cool thing" to kiss a girl, and like it.. As Katy Perry has demonstrated. They're saying men have made it another stage in life.. A step into becoming a woman. We are proud to kiss a woman, and they're proud to watch.

7. Daycares at work--> I don't get this one. They say us taking our kids to a daycare at work only gives us more work to worry about... I don't see how. I think it would take away less stress because you can take lots of breaks and just walk down to see your kid. :)

6. Colored KitchenAid appliances--> Again, not sure if they really thought this one through. Yes, we love them.. and yes it's probably a lot more likely that they will be bought if it's a pretty color, but AskMen is claiming it will get used a lot more just because it's colorful. I don't believe it. I buy plenty of things because they're pretty and never use them.

5. Fake boobies--> Yes, very true. Somehow women have this kick that getting bigger boobs will boost their self esteem. Maybe true.. But you want to boost your self esteem because you want to impress the men, correct? Or you base how you feel about your looks on how men react to them.

4. Makeup--> At first thought, I didn't agree. Makeup is definitely a woman's thing, it's fun, it boosts confidence, but it's more than all of that too. Then they said "you do all the work while we reap the benefits." Okay. Yep. True. Touchet.

3. Waxing--> Yeah, the Brazilian wax-- Unnecessary. Yet many women go through all of that pain, and awkwardness, just to make it look "pretty" down there for their man. I can't help but think it's not worth it.. But some have been brainwashed, for sure.

2. The Pill--> I'm not going to be able to explain this one better than them, so I'll let them do it. They convinced me of this one, too. Not that they brainwashed us into taking the pill, but they certainly are getting most of the benefits. "No condom -- sweet. No withdrawal method -- even better. No side effects of nausea and increased chance of heart attacks, stroke and blood clots if you smoke -- great."

1. Supermom--> Oh so true. Though the whole doing everything for your kids thing may be coming from all the traditions back in the day, a lot of moms are really doing anything and everything for their kids as Daddy sits on the couch and turns on some football.

Definitely a good list. I personally would have rearranged some things. LUGs, boobs and pole dancing need to move up.. Way up.


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