Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The countdown continues!!! Only 6 more days until "Circus" is released, and only 4 days until "For the Record" premieres on MTV!

To get you pumped, check out these old performances from BritBrit.

Teen Choice Awards, 1999.

She's totally really singing during "Sometimes"! I'm not sure about "Crazy", but who knows. Her voice is beautiful and not all computerized. And the belly shirt! Man, those were the ISH back then!

VMA's, 1999.

I love the whole performance! And with NSYNC! WOOO! They are some seriously good dancers though, am I right?! Nowadays people don't do such things. Not as many creative performances, I feel.

Look at me sounding like an old mom who wants to go back to the "gool ol days." Don't get me wrong, there's good stuff out there right now.. But the past should never be forgotten, right?! ;)


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