Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Let's go back to when you were 6 years old, and you tripped and fell a couple times a day. Would you cry sometimes? Or maybe just want your mommy for some comfort after you were embarrassed?

Well a little girl from Moundsville, WV doesn't have her mom to go to for comfort.. Not unless she likes the "comfort" of a cigarette on her back.

Yeah, a 6 year old's mother BRANDED the word "wimp" into her daughter's back after she fell, and then cried. [That's supposedly the picture of it. I don't see the word, but maybe it's just the picture.. Or I'm blind. I see the dotted i though. Wow.]

I hardly think the girl is a wimp if this happened and she didn't even tell anyone. Someone at her school saw it and reported it to the police!

Again, this is another one of those stories that makes me so mad that people like this can even have kids. The daughter is in foster care now while the mom waits in jail.. But who knows what will happen next.

These are the kids I pray for to find a better home/life/whatever. Stay strong.
These are also the moms that I want to grab by the neck and throw them against the wall hundreds of time like I'm some super-human. Ugh. YOU'RE CRAZY, LADY!


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