Wednesday, October 22, 2008

tunes on tuesday 102108

Yay for Tunes on Tuesday!
Boo for my usual source being down for maintenance!

numero uno: Ludacris ft. T-Pain--> One More Drink

Ludacris - One More Drink feat. T-Pain - Explicit - Ludacris feat. T-Pain

Will it surprise anyone if I say I love it?! T-Pain is THE MAN these days. He makes any song awesome. And Luda is back and I'm LOVIN it! I love rap songs from a couple years ago when it was people like him and Ja Rule EVERYWHERE. It's a great song. Period. A-

numero dos: John Legend--> Can't Be My Lover

Cant Be My Lover (Bonus Track) - John Legend

Hmm, I'm a fan of John Legend, for sure.. But I'm unsure about this song. It's got that rasta/Jamaican feel to it :-P but I don't know how much I like it. Maybe I'll have to get back to you in a couple more listens. Or maybe you can make up my mind for me. C-

numero tres: Timbaland ft. T-Pain and Missy Elliot--> Talk That Shit

Talk That Shit (Feat. T-Pain & Missy Elliott) - Timbaland

Another one for T-Pain.. and my girl Missy. When I first started listening, I LOVED the beat. Now, I think the worst part about the song is Timbaland's verses. Missy is always great. T-Pain is always great. Timbaland is normally pretty good, but this time I think he's the weakest link, even though he's the headliner or whatever. Meh, not a terrible song. B-

numero cuatro; the Virginian of the week: Young Millz ft. B Strong--> Full Effect

Full Effect - Young Millz ft. B Strong

These guys Millz and B Strong are representing 2 AM Recordings, which two of my greatest friends, Camden and Byron, I hear about Millz all the time, and chances are if you've been around the area, you have too. He's got some serious talent, which this song can't even begin to show alone. Wake up, check out this song for sure, but definitely all of the rest too here or here.

Finally, a music trailer for TI and Rihanna's Live Your Life... Hmmm. A video trailer? That's interesting.

It debuts Oct. 28. :)

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