Wednesday, October 15, 2008


What to say about tonight's finale of Making the Band???

I mean, they didn't really END anything. They finished by talking about Obama. WHAT IS THAT?!

I really kept thinking that Diddy was just testing the girls, which he may still be, but it's a lot more "over" than I expected it to be.

They also seemed more real and shocked than I expected. Am I alone in thinking that they were just plotting this out for good reality tv drama?!

But yea, if you missed it, Aubrey is out of DK. D. Woods left when she made a comment about no one being happy for a while.

They left very swiftly. They thanked Diddy for the opportunity, said their goodbyes, and were on their way "with no regrets." They didn't seem TOO upset, but once the finale was live (minus D. Woods, which really put everything into reality) they were all on the verge of tears, especially Aundrea.

Here's a video, thanks to MTV, of "Dawndrea" backstage right before the show.. looking very hopeful still..

I'll tell you what, they left a lot of people stunned. When I met them, they weren't together. Not even two of them travelled together.. but I never thought anything of it.

Now they have to come together and prove to Diddy that they really do have family love and can work it all out.

What do ya'll think about it? I'm just really, pretty upset. The only good side of the whole finale is that Day26 does seem to be staying incredibly strong.

Diddy, you also have to realize you made a bit of a mistake. Proving a point is one thing.. breaking up the band is something completely different.


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