Thursday, October 9, 2008

random and simple but fun

In class today we were doing these "translations" and such.

There are two links he gave us that I played with all crazy/found interesting:
It turns any text into a different "language." By language I mean redneck, moron, hacker, etc.
A list of Bush's wonderfully fantastic sayings. Remember when he said Wall Street was drunk?

When combining the dialectizer with a Bushism.. here is what you get:

"Dehe's no kesshun bou' it. GEE danks.Wall Street got drunk -- dat's one of de reasons I askid you t' turn off de TB camehas -- it got drunk 'n now it's got a hangobeh. De kesshun is duh, how long will it sobeh up 'n not try t' do all dese fancy financial instrumins." --George W. Bush


Finally. What does your bar tab say about you? Thanks to The KANE Show for pointing this one out..

Try em out. Let me know what the results are. :)


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