Thursday, October 9, 2008

getting old

[Clearly, no pun intended in the title, cuz homegirl is NOT old, yet.]

BUT, the Spears getting preggers before they should IS getting old.

The Enquirer is reporting that little Jamie Lynn is having her second child.. and that she is already 8 weeks into the pregnancy. [And of course, this is a TOTALLY credible source...........]

"Zoey" just had her little girl Maddie about 3 months ago.. and she's only 17.. SEVENTEEN!

Okay so who believes this rumor? Personally, not me.

And neither do her neighbors, who are telling OK Magazine that there is NO WAY she is pregnant again.

I still haven't heard anything about an official statement from Mama or Jamie Lynn, though.. so who knows?!

I hope you're not prego, girl. Those kids don't need any more cousins just yet.


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