Sunday, October 5, 2008

on a role

Who says Tina Fey isn't coming back for more?!

Last night's SNL featured her, once again, as the beloved Sarah Palin..

It's making fun of the veep debates the other night and, once again, I think Tina deserves a standing ovation. She's incredible. She nails it right on the head every time. My personal favorite part is during the marriage issue.. and her comment about young kids getting married. I can't remember it exactly, so watch it for yourself ;)]

They got Biden good, too.. with all of the McCain is my BFF type comments.

I don't watch SNL on a regular basis, but I've been keeping up with these.. and I must say, you're doing a fabulous job with ALL of them, SNL! And Tina, more next week please and thanks.


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