Tuesday, October 28, 2008

morons on monday 102708

So for many of you, Monday is long over. For me, it's still kickin'..

Here are you stupid idiots in the news.. ;)

When you guys are a little.. mm.. frustrated, if you will.. Don't use a pipe to satisfy yourself. You might get your junks stuck in there, have to call the police, and the fire department will have to spend 90 minutes chipping away at the pipe to get it off. I'm not making this up.. It really happened in Newburgh, NY.

Standing in a dark street is never safe or a good idea. Seriously. Not even when your dog gets hit by a car and you want to get out and direct traffic around it. A 19 year old girl in Palm Coast, FL tried this and ended up getting HERSELF hit by a car. Woops.

Lots of people can relate with this lady.. But not many people have gone to the length she has. She had the typical neighbors with the obnoxious dogs that barked all day long.. until she kidnapped it. She took Spike, the dog, and drove him 15 miles away where she then abandoned him. Now she's facing up to a year in jail if convicted for felony possession of stolen property. Can we say not worth it?!

Randomness not about morons, really:
It's time to stop encouraging kids to be smart and have high IQ's. Yea, I said it. A study proved that 10 year old kids, with higher IQ's than normal, have a higher chance in becoming an alcoholic later in life. In fact!: for every 15 point increase, the possibilities for having an alcohol problem increase 1.17 times for men and 1.38 times for women.

Hopefully I don't have to hear about any of you guys in these stories I find one day, eh?

Use that ol noggin of yours every once in a while!


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