Tuesday, October 28, 2008

videos you need to check out.. NOW.

As you've noticed from today's postings, I'm tending to group up things and not comment as much.. That's because sometimes I just don't need to comment. And I'm here to show you what's worthy of your time, right?!

So click this link, then close your eyes, and tell me what you think it is. Then watch it.

HAHA it's nuts. And hilarious. And terrible. But hilarious.

OMG. This is funny!! HAHAHA! Okay. Again, not funny. Uhhh...

Failed Attempt At Riding Slide Off Roof - Watch more free videos

It needs a "Do Not Try This At Home" tag on it.

This isn't funny or anything.. But it is pretty sweet. Some people are REALLY smart! They programmed their computers so that the screen savers would make it so it looked like a race car was traveling around a track, screen to screen. Just watch. Fast forward to the good stuff if you need to.-->

Hopefully I helped you waste a couple minutes with this post. ;)