Wednesday, October 22, 2008

is this really happening?!

Problem: Spending people's donated money on things like clothes and plane tickets.

Bigger problem: Spending 150,000$ of people's donated money on things like clothes and plane tickets.

Biggest problem: All of the above, plus over 13,000$ for hair and make-up, all because you're running for Vice President of the United States.

Yeah, Sarah Palin has spent over $150,000 of the Republican National Committee's money on her WARDROBE. She also spent over $13,000 so that she could hire "So You Think You Can Dance's" make-up artist, FOR A MONTH.

Seriously, SEEEERIOUSLY, this is not okay. Not in my book, anyways.

I understand the money the committees raise are for the campaigning and whatever, but this is.. I don't know.. uncalled for maybe?

Oh and by the way, while being Governor of Alaska, she would constantly buy her kids plane tickets to wherever they wanted, and then charge it to the state's funds. That's tax money, people.

Are there REALLY people out there who are voting for her?! To possibly become the next and first President of the US? [Assuming McCain doesn't make it, of course.] I just can't grasp this. She doesn't seem real to me. It's like she's pranking us, and come Nov. 4th she's going to say YOU GOT PUNK'D!!

Yea, so, if it wasn't clear before, I guess it is now. I'm voting Obama.

Please, Miss Alaska Barbie, save us the time and just tell us we're being punked right now. Why wait?


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