Monday, September 29, 2008

update: in case you missed it

Redskins: 26
Cowboys: 24

Campbell: 20/31, 231 yards
[STILL no interceptions in over 200 throws!!]
Portis: 121 yards
Moss: 145 yards

Romo: 28/47, 300 yards, 1 interception
[pictured above.. Rookie Horton making third interception of his career!]
Barber: 26 yards
Witten: 90 yards

I must say.. I love that I can have Skins players on my fantasy team, and wonder whether or not they'll even see the ball. I feel like we're really using every player, AND we still have playmakers. I think they're definitely working as a team, and DEFINITELY entering these games with the right mindset. It's something new and different. And Portis is running the ball and getting YARDS! Also something that I feel has not been consistent the past couple seasons. I don't know who to thank for all of it, but I'd like to say that I am pretty comfortable with Mr. Jim Zorn.

So Coach, I hope this continues. You started out better than all of our coaches in.. well about forever.. so you're only on the right track! I'm pumped!!


PS: In case you didn't check yourself, here are the rest of the scores for today's football :)

Cleveland beats Cincinatti, 20-12
Titans beat the Vikings, 30-17
Chiefs beat the Broncos, 33, 19 (woah.)
Saints beat SanFran, 31-17
Jets smash the Cardinals, 56-35 (where's the defense??)
Buccs beat the Packers, 30-21
Panthers beat the Falcons, 24-9
Jags beat Slaton and the Texans, 30-27 (Slaton's still the #1 rusher for Houston! yay!!)
Bills beat the Rams, 31-14
San Diego beat Oakland, 28-18

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