Monday, September 29, 2008

back on the big screen

For all of you "Notebook" or "Wedding Crashers" or even "Mean Girls" fans... your favorite lady is heading back to the big screen!!

She's set to star in the new Sherlock Holmes movie!! :)

Robert Downing Jr is her co-star, and Guy Ritchie is the director!!

No exact release date yet.. but filming should begin in about a month!

I feel like this is just one more type of movie she can add to her resume. She's done the girly teen movie, the great comedy, the great, classic love story.. and now.. I don't know.. a teen/classic/remake?? I'm excited to see how it looks once the trailers come out.. :)

Oh and also, she IS still with Ryan Gosling!!! They broke up.. but then got back together when they realized how much they missed each other! :) How precious.

Good luck Rachel! I think you are one of the great, young female actresses with a good head on her shoulders, so I believe in you completely! :)


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