Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So last night I watched a show about "The World's Smallest Mom"..
Christianne Ray is only 2'7" and she had a little baby girl, AND she's engaged.. or she was. I think she's married to the guy now.. his name is Jeremy Bowden.

I think its pretty amazing.. so I think you should watch her. Right now.
[OK, I don't have the actual show. You can watch THAT on your own. I just found this one on YouTube.]

I think her husband is amazing. I think she has the right head on her shoulders. She's so optimistic and happy it seems. It's just the kind of HAPPY story [for once] that I love to see. :)

We all need to be like you guys, Christianne and Jeremy! :)


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Anonymous said...

The show on Christianne and Jeremy aired (the first time I saw it) almost 2 years ago. Are you able to find out what's become of them? I see the show repeat from time to time, and I wonder if the baby is doing ok, if she and Jeremy are happy, if she had any more children like she said she wanted, and if so are they ok...

If you find out anything, I'd love to hear an update!

(sorry for the anonymous post, I can't get my google acct to work for some reason! email me at