Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ten commandments

I found these 10 Commandments of College Sex on the Daily Bedpost website..

I. Thou shalt play the freshman field. Get to know what's out there before settling down!

II. Thou shalt not choose your lover after your 12th keg stand.

III. Thou shalt not "sexile" your roommate without previous notification.

IV. Thou shalt not hook up "quietly" while a roommate is sleeping.

V. Thou shalt not commit to videotaped sex unless confident that you will have control over its viewing. In other words, though shalt not commit to videotaped sex before graduation.

VI. Thou shalt hook up in the female partner's dorm room. Let the male take the walk of shame, which automatically makes it the walk of FAME.

VII. Thou shalt not hook up with a roommate's ex.

VIII. Thou shalt tie up loose ends. Angry exes are hard to avoid on a small campus.

IX. Thou shalt not take up more than 45 percent of your significant other's Facebook wall. And thou shalt not take up more than 5 percent of your booty call's Facebook wall.

X. Thou shalt experiment! And not just L.U.G's [lesbian until graduation]-- that's so nineties. Boys should kiss boys, and we should all experiment with toys, locations, costumes, menage a huit... come on, it's college! There's no better time to try something offbeat (especially now when it'll be seen as kinky rather than fetishistic).

Some I agree with, of course, others are a little far out there.

But that's just me. I say do it up, do you, have fun! It IS college after all..


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