Monday, September 29, 2008

16 of the greatest

Entertainment Weekly put out a list of the 16 best guest voices on "The Simpsons"... ever! Not necessarily stars who played themselves, but those who used their voices as another character.

Here it is: -->

Alec Baldwin
Jack Black
Glenn Close
Dustin Hoffman
Beverly D'Angelo
Harvey Fierstein
Sarah Gilbert
Winona Ryder
Mandy Patinkin
Michelle Pfeiffer
Meryl Streep
John Waters
Lisa Kudrow
Kelsey Grammar/David Hyde Pierce
Marisa Tomei
Ricky Gervais

Now, I don't know that I'm a good critic on this because I haven't kept up with The Simpsons since I was in high school.. like a freshman.. so it's been a while.

But for those of you who practically live in Springfield, what do you think?

EW, you haven't been impressing me lately.. and though I may not remember more than 3/4 of those episodes, I feel like The Simpsons had a lot more A-list stars than those listed above.. but I'll wait to see what others say..


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