Tuesday, January 23, 2018

what i'm wearing: fun pieces from tobi

Do you see a bunch of online stores and wonder if the clothes are good, how they'll fit, etc? I've wondered that about Tobi, and now I got to try them out!

They sent me three items and as always, I'll keep it real in my opinion/review/etc!

First up: A velvet party dress. 

Holiday party season may be over, but that doesn't mean you can't wear a dress throughout the winter. The thigh high boot trend helps everything stay warm even in a dress. It's a lovely thing.

For daytime:
-white sweater from Express
-flat thigh high boots from JustFab [similar]

For nighttime: 
-old black leather jacket [similar]
-gold drop necklace from Amazon [similar]

I got the dress in a medium, which is my normal dress size. It was a little tighter than I expected it to be, but it's actually perfect for these kind of outfits. With a jacket or something over it [even though it has a fun, low back], it's everything a girl could hope for.

Second piece: Plunging blouse

-jeans from Express
-same lace up boots as above [open toed version at Tobi]
-silver drop necklace from FabFitFun [similar]

I wore this to a work event in NYC, which may have been a bit adventurous because it's definitely low cut and open on the bottom, but I think it was still okay. It's subtly sexy, and that's my favorite kind. It's a very light material, which was also unexpected, but in black it's not see through.

Finally, a striped turtleneck croptop. 

-jeans from Express
-booties from Kohls [kinda similar]

The crop top is SO FUN. It's velvet and mesh, turtleneck and bell-sleeves.... it's a lot of trends in one! I originally planned on wearing black pants with it [which will happen eventually] but decided to go full monotone for this post. I never wear these booties and they need some love... what do we think?

The lovely thing about Tobi is that they always have great sales... it's one of those places I'll be checking regularly now that I've gotten my first order. Have you gotten anything from there before? Link me!


Panty Buns said...

I love velvet! You look fabulous rocking that Tobi velvet shift dress. I also love your Ultra Violet hair colour - it looks very pretty. You also look amazing in the bell-sleeved Sophie striped crop-top from Tobi styled with the blue Express jeans.


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Laura K. Pitts said...

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