Monday, January 8, 2018

what i'm wearing: my jingle ball outfit and the rejects

It's been a month since Jingle Ball, so it seems like the perfect time to post about my outfit!

...Mostly because I've officially gotten all the reject pieces into the mail and sent back.

You see, for Jingle Ball, I always order TONS of things on Black Friday, then cross my fingers that somehow something goes together.

For the first time ever, it actually worked.

-bodysuit from Boohoo [currently sold out]
-leather skirt from Zara
-snakeskin/suede booties from Kohls
-lovely, customized hair extensions thanks to Ruby Devine at Frizzles

I did my own hair and make-up again because #trustissues. Stila has a new liquid glitter eyeshadow thing that was a STAPLE for the holiday season [see another look up close here]. Add some blue bottom eyeliner, a litttttle bit of a smokey eye, and fake eyelashes and BAM I'm out the door. 

The look is definitely one of my favorites, even though I hate the whole slicked back hair thing in pictures. It was fun to test my coworkers' ability to keep their eyes up, and it looked good on stage, even with ridiculous faces.

Now, back to those rejects I was talking about. 

I ordered about $700 worth of things from Asos, Express, Boohoo, Lulu's, and more random places. I threw together some possibilities while hungover or just not put together to send to friends for opinions. If I'm gonna look good in such a moment, it'll be a real winner when I'm put together. 

Here are some of those options, without my face because ain't nobody wanna see that mess. Trust me... but there were too many solid options to NOT share.

I brought this outfit to Capital One Arena with me in case of a Nipplegate. The velvet bodysuit is fun and different, but it was too black to be festive, right?
-same skirt from Zara
-shoes from JustFab

This was another runner up. These pants would never be something I wear on any other occasion, but that's what made them fun. Ultimately, I didn't think they'd look as good on stage, but they're also from ASOS. 

Something about this seems like a pajama outfit that you can also wear out and be a little slutty. I wish I had a real reason to keep the top, but I don't get dressed up nearly as much as I'd like to. 
-pants from Boohoo

All of these sparkles would have looked BOMB on stage, but the sleeves were just... too much. The dress is from Lulu's.

This was another one I really loved, but I wore blue velvet two years ago and I just KNOW everyone would remember that and be disappointed. This Lulu's dress was hella comfy and flattering... and appears to be sold out for now unless you tell me within 30 hours that you want to buy a size medium from me. :)

Finally, this dress... which is the same design as the bodysuit I wore, and I LOVED it.... but uh... it covered half of my ass. It requires someone with a short torso. They seemed to be sold out of this also, but here are similar looks.

There was one more "reject," but I loved it too much to let it go to waste. The good thing about the Jingle Ball orders, is that I normally have something left over for New Year's Eve. Enter this sexy little number. 

-shoes from JustFab

Whew. Now I have some closure. Money is back in my account, photos are posted, I'm getting nothing for any of this besides the feeling of accomplishment and the aforementioned closure. For the two outfits I kept, it was about $125, not including accessories that I already had for a while. That's the beauty of Black Friday and I wish every day was Black Friday except not really because I would need a buy a house just for a closet. 

Maybe next year I'll hire an actual stylist.... but probably not. #trustissues #thisisfun