Thursday, October 19, 2017

interview: playing urban dictionary with ne-yo

When smart people come into the studio... I could try to be as smart as them... or I could bring them down to my level. The level of Urban Dictionary terms.

That's what happened with Ne-Yo! I wanted to inspire him to write some songs with these new terms!

Do YOU know what ABC sex is? What about masturdating or hiberdating?! Jesus jeans and party socks?! We went over all of these things, and had way too many ADD thoughts/side convos in there as well.

Because we kept going on so many tangents, that's pretty edited down... but the full video from a live stream is here for you, too.

BTW... DO YOU SEE THAT FANCY iHEART WIDGET?!?!? THAT'S BECAUSE I HAVE MY OWN PODCAST CHANNEL ON THERE! FINALLY! Just search "elizabethany" and follow it so you never miss one! Plus, they'll think I'm cool and probably give me a hefty raise if people like me.*


*probably not


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