Tuesday, June 13, 2017

these are all the dresses I tried on for my bff's wedding

I have two major problems in life: Shopping and making decisions. 
My best friend decided she wanted to let us all pick our dresses for her wedding, and even the color we wore, within a palette. When she dubbed me her Maid of Honor, I pretended like I was going to help out all of the other bridesmaids by ordering and trying on a ton of dresses, but it was a totally selfish act. I just wanted to try on ALL of the pretty dresses, in the comfort of my own home. 

The beauty in places like LuLu's and ASOS is that they have beautiful dresses, for fairly cheap, and free returns. I literally ordered 17 different dresses. I never planned on sharing these pics with the world, but I figure it could help you out if you're planning a wedding or looking for a dress. This is most of them: 

The "transformable" dresses in the top right two- you could change up the way the top was in infinite ways. I really like the satiny one, but it would have shown every lump in my body in pictures, I think.
Here are some links to the dresses that are still available/that I can find: 

It was from ASOS, when they were having a sale, so I got it for about $80. It's currently $119.

The TFNC brand on there has a lot of really pretty kind of matching but not totally dresses. I'd recommend it. :)

As for the finished product... I'd say we all did pretty damn good. I wish I had a better pic of everyone's dresses at the moment.

Now I have my birthday party and WHAT THE HELL WILL I PLAN FOR AFTER THAT?! 

I'm sure I'll figure something out... I guess. 


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