Tuesday, July 5, 2016

interview: jay sean is really freaking cool

You remember that bomb song from Jay Sean, "Down," right?! Duh.

Well after a couple years of being quiet, he's back with a new song with Sean Paul, which means he's willing to do some radio interviews. He came all the way to DC, JUST to talk to me on my birthday. Real life. I felt really effing special.

As soon as Jay walked in, it felt comfortable and fun and vibey, and that makes for a really genuine chat. We talked about the risks he's taken and the ridiculous things people post on Instagram. We shared stories about Sean Paul and did you know he has an accent?! Turns out there's an explanation for that too.

Then the REAL fun came, and it's all thanks to my mom for sending me this Urban Dictionary game for my birthday!

It was educational and ridiculous as we learned what different terms meant.

Seriously, Mother Teresa sex.... that's a game changer.

I'm so thankful for artists who come in to have a good time and just wanna be two people hangin' out for a bit. Jay Sean, you da bomb. And so is this song of yours.