Tuesday, May 10, 2016

watch etv: artists interviewing each other, episode 3!

When artists come in to the studio, there's one thing I have to get them to do: Be a part of this artists interviewing each other series.

Maybe it's because I think it's interesting to see what they wanna know about each other, maybe it's because I'm terribly lazy... but it's still fun! It's especially fun when they get excited about who they're asking or answering.

Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke kicks this one off to Troye Sivan, who asks Ruth B, who asks We The Kings, who asks Tinashe, who asks Iggy Azalea.

There's a lot of food being talked about. How is it that celebs can talk/think about food so much and still look so damn good all the time?!

How cute is Ally though?! She was so flustered, but she's the nicest person on the planet so of course made something happen and gave the ultimate compliment to Troye.

The next one has already started, with Iggy asking Halsey... hopefully that one will be complete with our visitors in less time than this one!


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